Thursday, December 15, 2016

Kirby’s 25th Anniversary Concert To Hit Japan Next Year (Hey Poor Player)


Would you look at that: one of my predictions came true! Well, I guess the music notes gave it away, but still, a Kirby live orchestral!!! I need that songlist now!

I probably wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't come abroad, so at the very least, I'm hoping Nintendo and HAL will release a soundtrack (and seeing as how the Zelda 30th Anniversary Concert is receiving one, I'm certain that'll be the case).

Work your magic, Takemoto Taizo!

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  1. Obviously, I love this. The accompanying album, even only as a import, will be a treat nearly on level with the Dream Collection.

    Alas, I would say the chances of it leaving the Land of the Rising Sun are slim to none. Not only are the series's sales outside of Japan only a third, at best, of Zelda's, I could picture many fans being somewhat more embarrassed to be seen going to a Kirby concert. A sad truth, but there it is. Plus, it's not the sort interested American people could easily convince other family members to see as well. Not the way they could with Zelda and Pokemon. Even if it does come to America by a miracle, it definitely won't be a full-fledged tour, but probably just a special showing or two at select events.

    But yeah, this is pretty big stuff. The question now is: what will next be announced for Kirby's 25th? Because it won't be just this, given they've set up a Twitter just for the anniversary. Given there's just a Japanese one right now, I think it might be a while before we see anything announced that'll be in the West too, and we'll know in advance because an English twitter will probably be made. Or they'll just use Nintendo of America's account to tweet it. Nintendo's hard to predict.

    Long story short - pretty great news, and I'm even more stoked for more to come - and for details on that soundtrack album too.