Sunday, April 18, 2010

Super Mario Bros. ~Quick Introduction~

See that game up there? It's okay if you never heard of it, but I might as well just say it's probably the most important game ever made.

Circumstances this weekend didn't allow me to get a in-depth start on the game, but I'll be making that up by updating frequently (promise!) this week about this holy relic.

Yeah, I just described an 8-bit video game cartridge designed to make money and steal the hearts of children as a holy relic. It's that good.

See you tomorrow (Or Tuesday. I got a tennis match coming up!).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Time.

As in, it's time I focused on a certain console.

That is the Nintendo Entertainment System, often abbreviated as the NES.

Isn't it beautiful?

I wouldn't necessarily say it's where it all began (No, that would be with the Donkey Kong arcade game and the Game and Watch handhelds), but I'd say it's more vital then those two. What we have here is a hunk of plastic that was essential to Nintendo's successful foray into the home console market. This is the toy that engraved itself into 80's culture and childhoods everywhere. This is the underdog that reinvigorated the supposedly dead American video game market and proceeded to rule it with an iron fist. This is the sacred birthplace of icons such as Link, Samus Aran, Simon Belmont, Mega Man, Little Mac, and yes, even Pit of Kid Icarus fame.

I guess for most people, it really is where it all began. Just between you and me, I would've loved to live in the 80's.

Out of all of Nintendo's consoles, the NES is the one I've played the least. Isn't that just weird? I've worshipped Nintendo all my life and their starting console is one I barely spent time with. I mean, you know, I can name just about all of the famous games on the console. I know all about the console's history. But that's not the same as playing it. Maybe it was the age barrier, or perhaps I just wasn't that interested. Frick, I've only beaten three games on the console. Isn't that just sad?

I'm gonna change that.

Starting this week (perhaps later on today?), this console will be the beginning focus on this blog. I'm planning on expanding my library for the console (Oh ho), and will be discussing various games for the system. I've decided to start with two.

Super Mario Bros., the game that rocketed Super Mario, my main man, into the hearts of millions (and millions) of people worldwide; and Kirby's Adventure, a simple, yet charming little game that marked me as a Kirby fan for life.

I can't wait.

See you soon.