The Archives

The Archives

Herein lies Leave Luck to Heaven in its near-entirety. From the beginning to present day, any posts that contain substantial reflection shall be preserved in the following pages for convenience and posterity. 

As it's only just begun, this archive is a current work in-progress. While certain sections may be a bit bare at the moment, please leave feedback on this post for suggestions and criticism if you feel so inclined.



Series - Chronology - System

My collection of Nintendo game reviews, all divided into three separate sections of your choosing: series, chronology, and system.

Worldly Weekend

My collection of game reviews for, well, everything else. These are divided much the same way as my Nintendo reviews.

Manga Reviews


On Hey Poor Player, I publish reviews of my favorite ongoing manga and new series hitting the block. 
Columns and Features

Present Work - Old Craft 

Located here are my various columns and features I'd penned over the years. This is split into two sections: my recent and current work from 2013 on and my old craft and experimental work within the years of the blog's inception.

Found here are my numerous articles on game journalism websites. At the moment, this section is host to articles from Nintendojo, Gaming Grunts (defunct), GameSkinny and Hey Poor Player.

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