Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Archives are now OPEN!

Hey, everyone. We're kicking off July with a bang, as The Archives are now finally open for your viewing convenience. You can enter it by clicking on the ol' Mario picture to your left.

I've gathered most of the relevant posts on this blog and divided them into separate sections: Reviews, Columns and Features, and Game Journo Articles; not only that, but I've actually gone a step further and divided the first two into their sections. Reviews contain separate listing as per Series, Chronology, and System, whereas Columns and Features is split into two sections: one page will host my present works from 2013 on, while another page will hold my older pieces.

Also, Leave Luck to Heaven now has its own scoring system! It's provided in the review pages, but you can check it out here.

Some of these sections may be a bit bare at the moment (particularly in the case of Game Journo Articles, as Gaming Grunts seems to have shut down), but I plan for the blog to grow exponentially within the year, so don't fret. In the meantime, I've provided a link in The Archives to this post for any critiques you might have of the way I've set things up, so please fire away with your impressions and criticisms (oh, and make sure you browse carefully, for I've buried a hint for a future column...)

In any case, tomorrow will bring the Smash DLC Wishlist column to a close, and then there'll be nothing but game reviews for the rest of the month! See you soon.

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