Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Biweekly Music Wednesday! Will Return Next Week + Some Other Stuff

Hey, all. As you've likely noticed, Biweekly Music Wednesday! grew absent over the past month in the face of E3 coverage. While I had the next few entries planned, quite a few time-consuming articles demanded my attention, and so I had to put it on the backburner. The same held true today, but I'm planning its return for next week. It's had a very uneven schedule for the past two years, and I'm hoping to keep it on a rigid two-week schedule like it's supposed to be from now on. Let's hope I succeed!

Oh, and speaking of resolutions...I'd been going over some of my past few posts on here and uh...holy moly, are my proofreading skills terrible or what?!? The E3 Thoughts and final Smash DLC posts alone are chock-full of embarrassing errors, and I scrambled like a madman to get them patched up. Proper proofreading has long since been a weakness of mine, so please don't be afraid to point out any flaws in my writing, big or small. Really, I beg of you!

In any case, I'll be seeing you guys with a review this weekend! I may or may not have a new announcement coming around the same time, so stay tuned!

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