Monday, July 20, 2015

Regarding Weekly Schedule + Otakon

Hey all! Just wanted to check in on a couple o' things.

First off, I believe we've hit the shortest gap ever between two reviews! Woo! I'd say I hope I can keep this up, but...

I mentioned recently I'd been hoping to maintain a weekly schedule for Nintendo reviews. While I'm earnestly trying to work towards that goal, I'm about to hit my first snag: heading out to Otakon this Friday! I'd rather not rush anything I'm writing, so if I don't make it this week, you can be sure I'll be back soon after Sunday. And hey, I'd be more than willing to share my merch haul from Baltimore, so stay tuned for that possibility!

And just a heads-up: the next couple of reviews will be, within the context of Nintendo games, first non-Kirby reviews in some time! Indeed, you'll be a seeing a whole host of Nintendo franchises this coming fall and maybe even August, so I hope you're excited!

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