Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Ethics and Logic Behind NES Classic Mini's Emulation (Hey Poor Player)

My first feature article on Hey Poor Player! Huzzah!

Nintendo's dismal quality of their Virtual Console releases is a subject I've been rather passionate for some time, so I was rather ecstatic at the lack of darkened screens for the NES Classic Mini. For me, the proper preservation of Nintendo's history is infinitely more important than any of the localization/"censorship" nonsense over the past year, and is up there with the likes of region-locking and cross-buy as some of the bigger issues plaguing Nintendo today. 

That said, I really do mean it when I say I feel rather selfish--and perhaps even a little guilty--for choosing legacy over epileptic concerns. I know there are epileptics that play games, and I'm certain many could shed some light on the subject. If there's any article I'd like to some opposition on, it would be this one.

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