Thursday, October 20, 2016

Introducing the Nintendo Switch! (Hey Poor Player)

The Nintendo Switch has been officially revealed!!! It's been a few hours, so how's everyone taking the announcement? 

Personally, I'm quite excited they got the message across this time. This time, it seems they've ditched building upon the screen--a concept far too nebulous even for Nintendo--but they still feel it's vital for the future of gaming, so why not just have it switch for player preference? 

Very catchy name, by the way. Say it with me: Nintendooooo Switch!

Will it catch on this time? The software presented was impressive, but as much as I'm excited for Mario Kart (and the long-rumored Smash), we'll need more than Wii U ports to succeed. Super Mario is off to a good start, but will it push the series forward? Time will tell, but that developer line-up is promising!

By the way, what do you all make of the Skyrim PR fiasco? Some say it's to encourage sales of the remaster coming out shortly, but it's a little late for me; I was going to replay Skyrim, soon, but now I've decided to wait for the Switch version!

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