Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS DLC Wishlist Pt. 2: Music, Music, Music!

Ah, Smash Bros. music! If the last entry was any indication, I can't get enough of the series' sweet, sweet arrangements of beloved Nintendo classics. The two latest Smash games are no exception, as I regularly listen to the Smashing Soundtrack and take frequent trips to both games' sound tests (god knows how many times I've listened to Magicant/Eight Melodies). As both titles amount to over 400 and 100 songs respectively, I know I won't be getting bored of the overall soundtrack anytime soon.

Especially since we'll be getting more! We know the Miiverse stage will arrive with quite the number of songs, and the 3DS datamine from April hints at music from the original Smash Bros., Kirby Air Ride and *gasp* Street Fighter II! With the potential for further stage DLC for the Wii U version up in the air, who knows how many songs we'll get?

But what about the possibility of individual music DLC? Ideas such as music packs have been kicked around on GAF and the like, and while I'd definitely love that, I don't think it'll happen. Barring what'll come packaged with the new stages, I imagine Sakurai thinks we have more than enough songs to Smash to, and who could blame him? There's over 400 songs in the Wii U version, for gosh sakes!

However, I imagine such suggestions come from those dissatisfied with the song selections for Donkey Kong, Metroid and Wario, and I can't say I entirely disagree. Is there truly no way to work around that...?

My own idea might have a shot: utilizing the SD card to upload music to the Wii U version's stages! Each stage could be limited to a selection of five extra song slots so as to respect the balance of the My Music ratio, and players could upload any songs they'd want! Yeehaw!

I won't deny it, after the April direct and the confirmation of more DLC, I've been thinking about this idea to the point where I'll probably end up heartbroken if it doesn't happen. Be it bringing back Brawl's Humoresque of a Little Dog arrangements on Onett to the original Kirby Super Star song rips for Halberd and The Great Cave Offensive, my mind's being going crazy with the possibilities. I think what's most appealing about it isn't just the dream scenarios, but in how it coincides with Sakurai's philosophy of adjusting Smash to the player's preferences, as evidenced by the wonderful My Music feature.

Although, whether it's probable is another story. For one thing, music can take up quite a bit of space, and I don't know if SD Card-uploaded music might have an effect on that. There's also the issue of looping tracks, which I can't imagine is done at the press of a button, thus leaving only obnoxious fadeouts that'd immediately contrast with the rest of the game's tracks. I do wonder how other games with such a feature handled all this (I know it was in Excitetrucks and Endless Ocean for Wii, but never found video footage of custom music in use). Curse my lack of tech knowledge...

But let us dream for a moment and ask ourselves, what if it were possible? What would we choose? Regardless, since this is probably the least likely of my suggestions, I'll be restraining myself and share my personalized choices for two veteran stages: Delfino Plaza and Luigi's Mansion.

Delfino Plaza

Rogueport (This song got ROBBED! It's easily the best part of the Paper Mario Medley, and obviously others felt the same since they ripped it independently from the medley. I've wanted an arrangement of Rogueport since the Brawl days and the one here is absolutely fantastic, so I'd put it on here in a heartbeat!)

Chainlink Charge (While this Super Mario 3D World song was never in a beach setting, I can easily imagine this Koji Kondo piece being set to a bustling port town. None of my 3D World favorites got in, so this'd be a good way to sneak 'em in.)

Sunshine Seaside (Fits like a charm, what else can I say? Just goes to show even if I didn't think 3D World was all that great, it had an excellent soundtrack, so in goes its songs!)

Beach Bowl Galaxy (One of my favorite non-orchestral pieces from Super Mario Galaxy would work wonders here.)

Dolphin Shoals (Ah, yes, everyone's favorite Mario Kart 8 song! Being exclusively set to that AWESOME third act version would induce seaside euphoria all around.)

Luigi's Mansion

Bowser's Road (This song has been long overdue, but there's no Bowser's Castle stage around, so it goes to the spookiest Mario stage around. This is the incredible Super Mario Galaxy 2 version.)
Boo Waltz (Perfect, what else can I say? Maybe there's too many Galaxy rips as opposed to arrangements, but who cares when they sound this good?)
Booster's Tarantino (Now here's a special case. This is actually a remix--or should I say an OCremix--of a Super Mario RPG song. This has always been one of my favorite fan arrangements, and I think it'd go perfectly here. Speaking of which, I haven't listened to OCRemix stuff in a while...)
Night Play (Luigi's Mansion is home to a number of cameo tracks, so I figured one more couldn't hurt. After all, there's barely enough Chibi-Robo! content as it is!

Fly Me to the Moon (Okay, this one's mostly a joke, but that giant moon in the background would be too fitting. Generally I'm only considering Nintendo songs, but this Smash title was a lot more lenient with third-party titles published by Nintendo such as Baten Kaitos and Fatal Frame, so I figured Bayonetta should make the cut.

On looking this up on Youtube, I only just now learned this didn't originate from Bayonetta. Derp.)

There's actually quite a few more I'd want to put on here, such as the lovely earworm that is the Library Piano from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. I still hum it every now and then...

And that's about it. Rather short article by my standards, but again, I didn't want to go too crazy over an idea that has a low likelihood (relative to my other three parts, anyway). However, if my most desired feature comes true in this or any other Smash, I'd love to start a column where I list off my choice of custom music! So if that ever happens, please look forward to that!


As there's only two articles left, I'll be finishing off this column sometime next week. Believe it or not, I honestly forgot the time since the first one as I was juggling Nintendojo work and the Canvas Curse piece, so trust me on this one!).

And there's a Smash mini-direct going down this Sunday!! You can bet I'll be reporting on it, but it just so happens to fall on the date of my Graduation Party, so if not that night, then definitely Monday!

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