Monday, June 8, 2015

Three Ways to Make Splatoon Better (Nintendojo)

Article Here

Ah, Splatoon. I've been disciplining myself to separate one-hour play sessions for games to complement the following hours of writing, and it's been quite difficult not breaking that rule with Splatoon. That said, there's a number of ways to improve on the game, and I go into that in the article above. You've probably heard some of these complaints, but there's no problem in adding noise!


  1. What about another local multiplayer mode with 2-on-2 Turf War?

    1. I've actually yet to play the local multiplayer, so I can't speak for its quality. I've heard it's not nearly as good as the online mode, but since that happens to be the main attraction of the game, that was what I focused on.

      Nothing wrong with more modes/options, though. Barring Smash (and even then, depending on who you talk to), they've been in short supply for Nintendo's multiplayer Wii U games.