Friday, March 17, 2017

An Interview with Game Composer Tomoya Tomita (Hey Poor Player)

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Finally...FINALLY!!! After two months of drafting, asking, translating and waiting upon waiting for clearance, my interview with game composer Tomoya Tomita is finally up!!! I can't believe it!!

Again, I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG! To reiterate, this was not a case of my typical procrastination: it was on-track to arrive by the end of January when Tomita-san suddenly informed us he needed clearance from Nintendo, and unfortunately that was going to take some time. But now, it's finally here: my very first interview with a Nintendo developer! A former one, but who cares?!?

I can't be happier enough with his answers; in fact, I highly recommend you pay attention to his Kirby's Epic Yarn answers, as there's some never-before-seen info regarding the game's development! And by the way, a certain accepted fan theory regarding Smash Bros. and Wario may not be the case after all...

As stated in the interview, this would not have been possible without my translator buddy Masked Man (Matt). I already told you this on Twitter, but you are truly "the man."

And of course, to Tomita-san himself....ありがとうございます!!!

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  1. WOW! Oh man! I bet this must have been like that adrenaline rush moment for you. Like a dream come true thing. Good luck with everything in the future, man.