Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Introducing My Latest Game Journalism Job: Hey Poor Player!

Hey, all! If you haven't following my Twitter, than you may be surprised to learn I'm a bit late in sharing this piece of news. Guess what site I'm working for now? An up-and-coming site by the name of Hey Poor Player!

Making a living off my writing has always been a dream of mine, and while that may not fully come true for some time, Hey Poor Player represents my first step into that dream. After a careful analysis of several sites, Hey Poor Player appealed to me the most as an up-and-coming site with a solid direction and a great look.

While I had the opportunity to pursue a similar financial venture at GameSkinny, certain factors and careful consideration compelled me to move on. But don't fret: I learned many great things about game journalism and the like while under the Journalist Training Program, and I aim to utilize all my teachings to not just further my career, but to contribute properly to Hey Poor Player

I've already written some news pieces for the site, but I plan to pen some opinion articles starting next week, so look forward to those!

Oh, and once again, I'll still be writing for Nintendojo, so please don't worry.

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