Friday, July 15, 2016

Nintendo Classic Mini - NES coming November 11th (GameSkinny)

I typically don't link to my news pieces, but this was such exciting news that I couldn't help but share it. Talk about a smart way to circumvent the absence of new hardware!

I'm surprised it wasn't shown off via trailer, as we're a bit in the dark as to how it works. What's the menu for selecting from the 30 pre-installed games like? Are the games enhanced through HD? Regardless, it's an especially solid list of games (Kirby's Adventure!) and I'm already looking forward to playing famous titles I've never tried before (Bubble Bobble and Castlevania).

If there's only one concern...are these going to have the nasty black filter found on Virtual Console? While I understand safety concerns, it's especially gross on colorful games like Kirby's Adventure and I believe preserving the games in their original lighting would best emulate the original experience. People have pointed out the Mini's inclusion of a HDMI cable may point to an all-new form of emulation, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

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