Tuesday, May 17, 2016

And My Next Game Journalism Job Will Be...!

Hey, all! My deepest apologies for the super-dry May; unfortunately, there's been a bit of a crisis regarding my IRL job that remains unsolved, and it's been requiring my attention. To make up for it, we'll get back to Biweekly Music Wednesday! tomorrow and finally pump out a review by the end of the week. How's that sound?

But first, I have exciting news! As I've been on the prowl for more game journalism opportunities over the past half-year, I've found myself participating within GameSkinny's Journalist Training Program! That means I'll be writing for the site under the guidance of their editors up 'till July, where I can continue writing for the site as my first paying online job. Wow, cool!

Lauded as my works are on Nintendojo, I still desire to improve my abilities as a writer, a critic, and as a game journalist who's still on the furthest fringes of the industry. There's still a lot of ins and outs, do's and don't of the profession that I'm unaware of, and I felt GameSkinny was the perfect choice to hone my craft. Unlike Nintendojo, you can expect to see me there on a consistent weekly basis in everything from news to feature articles.

And if you've enjoyed my works on Nintendojo, don't worry. I've been given special permission to continue writing there on a monthly basis. You won't be seeing any crossposting between the two sites, so I'll be working extra hard on my exclusive content there.

My JTP will begin next Monday, so be sure to check GameSkinny around then!

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