Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Quick Updates

Hey, all. Just checking in to brief up you on some updates. For starters, the Archives are in dire need of revising, so I'll be gradually working on that throughout the day.

Second, Biweekly Music Wednesday! will finally return today! I'm not sure if a review will be ready this week, so hopefully this installment, which features a series I haven't discussed before, will tide you over.

Finally, to the left you'll see a link to my Twitter. If you really loved me, you'd follow me.


  1. As it happens, Anthony, I already did follow you just a few days ago. Not much of a Twitter user myself, but I did sign up recently enough for reasons pertaining to my new creative outlet. Loving all the so-cute-to-die-for Kirby retweets, though... you certainly do love cats...

    And cleanup for the blog can only help, I'm sure.


  2. Wow, how did I not notice you followed me? Weird!

    Anyway, cats are great. You ever see Sakurai's Twitter pic of his cat, Fukura? She's the beautiful essence of derp.