Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Biweekly Music Wednesday! No. 32 ~Freezy Flake Galaxy~ (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Origin: Super Mario Galaxy 2
Plays In: Freezy Flake Galaxy
Status: Original Composition
Composed by: Mahito Yokota

What an abnormal winter we've had here in America. Can you believe we only just started getting snow a few weeks ago? And it finally arrived in a record-breaking blizzard, no less...

We've had regular snowfall since, but the rain always dilutes its impact. Regardless, I was really impressed with the snow formations the blizzard left in my front yard. As always, the way they piled up around the roads and covered our mailboxes whisked me away to another time of snow forts and snowball fights. I wanted to dive in, but it was another day of work. 

Oh, did I mention I finally began my first real job? Since last month, I've been working as a substitute aide for none other than my old school district. From middle school special ed to covering different grades of an elementary school in one whole day, I work around the clock when I'm not taking Japanese. I have a real knack for entertaining kids, and I'm something of a big kid myself, so it's right up my alley. 
Lately, I've been spending my time between the two elementary schools of my youth. Undoubtedly, the kids I work with were thrilled at the onslaught of snow days, two-hour delays and, of course, the unpolished snow forts that caused all that trouble in the first place. How they probably dug into those blockades and piled up reserves of snow balls, much like I used to just down the street...

Visits to my old schools unload a never-ending stream of reflection. The tales of my social and educational struggles thanks to Asperger's could fill an entire a volume all on their own, yet instead of dwelling on those events, I find myself thinking about where am I am now thanks to them. Naturally, this gives rise to an explosion of feelings; awe is one of them. Numerous individuals responsible for my success are now my co-workers, which I'm certain is just as rewarding to them as it is to me, if not more so.

Morality and the relativity of adulthood/childhood comes into play as well. Isn't it funny how when we start to grow up and hail childhood as this perfect holy grail of innocence? Being tasked with the job of watching adorable children may affirm that on a surface level, but the scribbled pleas against bullying that decorate school hallways doesn't just stop at reminding us of another era of priorities and fears. Now that we're adults, we recognize the all-too-real reasons for it and the consequences.

Which brings us to something far more cathartic: forgiveness. Friends came and went throughout the entire duration of grade school, and I've met my share of less-than-satisfactory adult figures. I could hold grudges against numerous individuals that fed my worst habits and betrayed me in heartbreaking ways, but I choose not to and focus on what I can contribute to the world. I could've spent my entire life disowning the high school I graduated from because of a terrible senior year, but rather than lead a verbal crusade via memoir, I instead choose to put that memory behind me and actually work there so I can help improve it.

Today, awe was the feeling of the day. I was at the school I spent 2nd to 5th grade, and all I could think of was how small everything was. There was the lobby I spent every morning in; how small its windowsills and seats seemed. The cafeteria was no longer as big and imposing as it was. I spent my outdoor recess staring down the playground. What captivated my attention every weekday for three years was dwarfed next to its newer, shinier neighbor. It wasn't just my interests and priorities that shrunk in size.

How ironic that I was admiring the wonder of snowfall. Just goes to show you how amazing nature is. If I had the time today, I'd go for a walk.

Final Thoughts: By the way, that one rabbit's cabin in Freezy Flake Galaxy seems a little small. Do you think he's okay with that?

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