Friday, December 11, 2015

PSA: You Should Get These Kirby LINE Phone Backgrounds

Okay, I think said I was going to shy away from these sorts of news updates, but these are just too cute not to share. I highly recommend on 'em to soak yourself in their goodness.

Over the past month, Nintendo has been sharing Kirby phone backgrounds on their LINE account. Now, I don't quite know what that is, but holy moly, anyone calling themselves a Kirby fan can't resist how heart-meltingly adorable these backgrounds are. As seen below, there's four in all. Click on 'em all to soak in their goodness.

Ahh! Look at how soft everything is! Look at that sleeping Kirby! Every time I see this on my lock screen, I'm reminding of why he's Nintendo's cutest character for a reason. So soothing~

Look, he's drawing his friends and foes with a Star Rod pencil! I can't take it. his will definitely be in my background rotation.

His interpretion of Dedede is my personal favorite. Oh, and I'm not the only one who mistook his house as the Halberd's Combo Cannon, am I...?

Mmm, delicious. When I get around to baking Pilsbury cookies this weekend, I'll pretend I'm eating these.

Saving the best for last: my phone background! In this gorgeous, eye-candy scenario, here we see Kirby and a gang of Waddle Dees frolicking around Whispy Woods. Even Waddle Doo is enjoying this wonderful day-off, sinking into a star-filled cloud as he skygazes. Maybe he and the rest of his ilk aren't such bullies after all.

You may be wondering why the Waddle Dees are wearing those precious animal outfits. They're actually from the promotional artwork for a recent Japan-only collaboration between Nintendo and the Japanese toy store Kiddy Land, which sold a veritable treasure trove of Kirby merchandise earlier this fall. See the goodness for yourself, which actually consists of some exclusive goodies. I already picked up my fair share of Kirby merchandise at the Nintendo World Store last month, but I can't say no to a life-sized Kirby doll based off his appearance in Kirby's Adventure (including a Star Rod!).

Speaking of Kirby, I gotta go, uh, work on something. Hopefully I'll see you before Tuesday!

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  1. Thanx a lot! Another one for you to share, which Nintendo Netherlands is sharing at the moment