Saturday, September 26, 2015

Super Mario Maker: How I Learned to Embrace Happy Accidents (Nintendojo)

Article Here

Good news! Not only is this my first Nintendojo article in over a month, but it's one of the Super Mario Maker posts I promised! Yay!

...unfortunately, Nintendojo has been afflicted with some sort of adware/hyperlink exploits over the past several weeks, which is why I haven't written anything on there for a while. You may've noticed certain articles were taken down since, and as my article has been infected, I don't know how long it'll stay up. Rest assured, this is not a subliminal message for viagra!

In any case, this was super fun to write! I'm not sure how soon I can whip up another Mario Maker article, as there's many other pieces that take priority. I'm trying my hardest to make sure this fall lives up to my expectations, so on that note, please look forward to my next review very soon!

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