Sunday, August 30, 2015

Worldly Weekend Delay + Regarding Super Mario Maker

Augh!! The next Worldly Weekend entry is just about wrapped up, but Blogger's image uploader is suddenly on the fritz! That'll teach me not to promise it anymore, haha. But anyway, I can't stay up all night waiting for it to get working again, so I'll have it ready by this Saturday. Sorry for the delay, but in return, Biweekly Music Wednesday! will return this week and I'll hopefully have my next review up by Friday evening. As mentioned earlier, this fall's gonna be busy, so I'm hoping September will begin with a bang!

Oh, and I never said what the next review was, did I? It's actually not Kirby Super Star Ultra (won't analyzing that be fun), but actually another Mario game! In fact, it's actually one of his more famed spin-offs. I'll let you guess as to what that is...

By the way, how many of you have been following Super Mario Maker? Me, I'm psyched as all get-out and am beyond amazed at the creativity on display. Already I can't wait to get crafting levels and unlocking amiibo costumes like mad, but I'm curious to know: would you guys like to see what I cook up? Learning how to make fun, imaginative levels is going to be a process, and I'd love to share my progress with you all. Please lemme know!


  1. As always, Anthony, I've been keeping a watchful eye on your blog even if my own life had been shaken up a bit recently. And I'm really looking forward to everything you have on the cards for the next while! Not only is 2015 going to be your most active year, but it'll hopefully be one you can look back on fondly in years to come!

    Famed spin-offs... Let's see... it wouldn't be Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games, would it? I think there was a nugget in info in a past post that leads me to that conclusion, you understand.

    As I still lack a Wii U myself, I'll take any and all posts you make about Super Mario Maker! I've still kept up with the game regardless, so I'm game! Besides, I've heard about all sorts of your little quirks you've done in your games over the years that have enthralled me (exploring the City in Kirby Air Ride for a lengthy period of time - ON FOOT; the house in the distance in a SNES Kirby title), and I would love to be able to see more, my friend!

    Keep plugging away, lengthy blogs about my passions like this are just the sort of thing I love to keep up with!

    - Mike.

    1. Thanks, Mike! Your encouragement is always just what I need.

      Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games? Haha, no, it's not that, but having been stunned at the mediocrity of the Winter Games iteration I always thought it'd be funny if I many of those have they made by now? Maybe someday, although I don't recall mentioning it in the past. Anyway, all I'll say is that this particular game is on the N64.

      As for Mario Maker, I'm planning for its related pieces to be intermittent, perhaps even more so than Worldly Weekend in that I can fill in any lulls in the scheduling. They'll probably center around videos I upload, so don't expect them to be too long.

    2. I did think of some of his N64 games, and though I remembered you saying in posts years past that you would be doing Mario Kart 64 at some point, I ruled that out, both because it was too obvious, and because your priorities then are miles different then they are now.

      Reason I leapt to the first Mario & Sonic was I think I recall you mentioning covering a future Sonic game in that Sonic Adventure post. Course, I could be wrong there, the mind is no filing cabinet. But that's where it sprung from, and we as humans leap upon any cryptic clues we can find, even if they weren't there to begin with!

      My instinct tells me that it might be a N64 Mario spin-off that introduced a new character to the series that has since became a sports/spin-off mainstay, but I don't need that answered - I'll find out once the review arrives!

      - Mike.