Friday, February 27, 2015

Retro Scope: Kirby Canvas Curse (Nintendojo)

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My first article on Nintendojo!! Feels surreal.

You can think of this article as something of a taste for the main one here. I'm planning/experimenting on ways to naturally expand on my Nintendojo reflection, so expect it within a few days.

...y'know, I've been so busy this week I haven't been able to play Rainbow Curse in three days. First thing in the morning.

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  1. As I have not played this title yet, though I plan to get it as soon as I can, my comments here will be restricted to an outsider's view.

    What has always struck me about Canvas Curse is how it began a new direction for HAL. Rather then having a non-platforming Kirby spin-off as frequently as the main games, then instead have a Kirby platformer with a radically different control scheme every few years. At least one of these (Epic Yarn) did not begin life as a Kirby title, and rumours persist the same applies for Mass Attack. Love Tilt N' Tumble and Dream Course though I do, I can't find it in my to argue against this new direction.

    Given the game's low sales, I sometimes find that it has been name checked more often then it has been played, a la Earthbound. When I mentioned that I was collection all boxed Kirby games to the folks in Dublin's retro video game shop, The R.A.G.E., one of them went out of his way to mention Canvas Curse (known over here as Power Paintbrush) and how great it was. Still it is deserved either way.

    I have also noted how both this and Epic Yarn and typically ranked as the best by people who only casually play Kirby, while the hardcore Kirby fans usually think highly of them without ever ranking either at number one.

    Also, while I was writing this comment I listened to the Canvas Curse tracks on the Dream Collection CD. Techno and more hardcore they may be, but they compliment the game perfectly, whether it be through remixes or original tunes. Speaking of the game's difficulty, I wonder if that has helped non-Kirby fans like it so much. Most probably - the same would also apply to Dream Course, I think.

    Finally, since I do not have it yet, I may refrain from commenting on the big review until I do. Best rest assured, Anthony, I will be reading it! Every last sentence, my friend, you can count on that, for since this is one of the few titles you said said virtually NOTHING on in earlier reveries, I am now even more eager to find out your specific opinion of it.

    - Mike.