Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I'm a Game Journalist Again...Twicefold!!

Hello, all!

As you probably remember, I interned last year for the Gaming Grunts webpage, publishing numerous reviews under their name. While I only focused on one area of writing and the site suffered from some behind-the-scenes drama, Gaming Grunts proved to be a valuable learning experience and as a conveniently flexible writing platform, as I reviewed not just new games, but ones I'd played as a kid and even a game concert (Pok√©mon: Symphonic Evolutions).

But more importantly, it proved that I could contribute something in an industry I've loved for years and years. I've always known I wanted to write about games, but I'd envision it as a one-man job that'd just "catch on" on its own somehow (this approach can be found in Leave Luck to Heaven's roots: it initially started as just an experiment to constantly cultivate and develop my writing). But it wasn't until last spring when I sat down one day, reviewed what I'd accomplished and the direction the blog was heading, and said to myself "You know, I could make this into a career." Maybe that was a little obvious, but my acceptance into Gaming Grunts confirmed this was a road I wanted to take with my writing.

Following my leaving of the site in December, I mentioned here that I'd be searching for some new potential areas of work. I originally planned to have honed in on potential sites after further studying the industry, but after some stunning developments last week, I'm thrilled to announce that I will be writing for not one, but TWO gaming sites!! One will be a volunteer job for the nearly two decade old Nintendojo and the other is a paid writer position for the soon-to-be-launched DailyGamer!

My new position at Nintendojo is particularly electrifying for me. Believe it or not, it was one of my very first exposures to online game journalism back at the age of nine (I actually discussed this before!), and I still remember the very night I discovered it back in May 2001. It was mentioned in a brief Nintendo Power blurb alongside the long-dead TendoBox, and my mind was blown at their E3 coverage. With magazines being what they are, Nintendo Power hadn't covered the convention yet, but Nintendojo featured pages upon pages, screenshots upon screenshots depicting a Smash Bros. sequel with a playable Bowser and a Sonic game on a Nintendo console. This was back when we had dial-up, too, and it was sheer torture just waiting for a Smash Bros. Melee screenshot to load while bedtime loomed near.

Needless to say, I'm beyond ecstatic to have become part of such an important piece of my childhood. While I may have only casually followed Nintendojo over the past decade, it's been so exciting getting reacquainted with the site and I'm looking forward to getting know the current staff. As for when my first article is due, it's actually going to be up...TOMORROW! Yup, my first assignment is writing the next installment in the Retro Scope column, and as this week's theme centers around "unique controls in celebration of last Friday's release of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, I will be discussing its predecessor: Kirby: Canvas Curse! That's right, I will be writing two separate articles of the same game in the same week (the other for this blog), so please look forward to how I'll be differentiating the two!

As for Daily Gamer...well, I don't have too much to share about that since it's not up yet. But rest assured, I've discussed with the site owner at length and he's just as passionate about the industry as I am. The site was born with the ideal of dismissing any advertisement-influenced reviews so as to present fair, unbiased reviews all the while not giving clickbait articles a second thought. There's also a reward system planned for those who frequent the site, but more information on that will be available soon. As the site won't be launching until early next month, I obviously won't be writing for it right away, but I'll be sure to share my articles here.

But just because I'm about to become a member of the industry doesn't mean Leave Luck to Heaven will be left behind in the dust! I have some big, long-due plans for the site this coming spring, and I can't wait to put them into action. In the meantime, expect Biweekly Music Wednesday! tonight and two Kirby: Canvas Curse articles tomorrow and this weekend!


  1. You know, I cannot say this for certain, and apologies in advance if this sounds like a premature thing to say, but ever since I announced my devotion to this blog two weeks ago, it seems to me that, since then, whenever you have indirectly referred to your readers, that it's almost directed at me a little! All I'm saying is that, well, in these last two posts, you seem more positive, and I'm real happy for you about that, Anthony!

    Wow, Nintendojo, eh? Even a volunteer position there is radical! Not that the new website Daily Gamer doesn't sounds great too, and you can bet that I'll be checking it out, but wow! And two Kirby: Canvas Curse reviews as well! It's not a game you have let much slip about your opinion in previous posts, but I'm as excited as ever to read what you love about this one. I can already tell that you will be speaking quite highly of it. And though I mentioned the difference between your reviews here and on Gaming Grunts before, having it for the same game will make it even clearer, allowing up to sample evn more about your and your review style between two distinctly different styles for the one title!

    In short, Anthony, I'm very happy for you at this news. Really so, my friend!

    As for me, well... you'll be delighted to hear that my copy of Kirby's Dream Collection that I ordered just over two weeks ago has crosses the pond to my humble abode, and I have it! I love Kirby enough that I was willing to buy a game I couldn't even play just for the CD and Booklet, but I managed to get the game working of my Wii anyway, getting the Homebrew Channel and Gecko (to bypass the region-lock check) JUST to play this game. I've already played Dream Land and I'm eying up the others, so now you can expect comments to come on the reviews of all the games in the collection!

    Finally, a little bonus just for you: I'm a budding artist (I tried quite hard to get into animation in college, learning valuable skills even though it didn't work out) and drew this earlier today, so I thought you might enjoy it. Bear in mind I've still yet to colour it:
    I'll be keeping a close eye out for the Biweekly Music post later, the two Canvas Curse reviews and more in the near future, buddy!

    - Mike.

  2. Considering that you're the first dedicated reader that isn't a family member, I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise! Thanks for the praise, and nice drawing.

    You wouldn't believe how much my eyes bulged when I read your comment and realized you guys never got the Dream Collection! It's such a loving tribute to the series and was everything the Mario anniversary release should've been. In case I hadn't made it clear, that'll be going under review as well (granted, it was the inspiration behind my whole Kirby column, so I guess that was a little obvious).