Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Review (Gaming Grunts)

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Hard to believe it's been nearly two weeks since I lasted played this. I've been captivated by the Wii U version's charms, you see.

The first Smash Bros. in six years--and on a handheld, no less--similarly charmed me. Any stumbles in control or stage representation were quickly disregarded in my eyes, as I was too busy engaging in the euphoria of playing a brand new Smash Bros. And it didn't disappoint: the new characters are all wildly creative and are a blast to play with (Villager!), the soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous and earwormy, and I'm not kidding when I claim how good the 3D effect is. Seriously, turn it on. You'll be surprised.

It's the Smash Run mode that captivated me the most, however. Being inspired by Kirby Air Ride's City Trial mode, the gradual empowerment achieved by the player feels as accomplished as ever, and it's just plain satisfying becoming a stats-ripped monster and beating down on familiar Nintendo baddies. It helps that the map is fun to explore and possess some downright beautiful aesthetics (I love the ruins-inspired design), and I dig how you can assign music for the BGM. Despite the limitations via lack of customization and no online, it's a shame the Wii U version didn't attempt a similar avenue (Smash Tour is okay, but it doesn't expand on the core gameplay). Honestly, I can't imagine why people dislike the mode, but I guess I've grown to accept that my own views on Smash have largely deviated from the rest of the fanbase.

I had the most magical moment with this game after the midnight launch. I set out to the hillside slope outside of my dorm hall and just held the 3DS up to the starry night sky. I unlocked the Magicant stage from Earthbound and tears trickled from my eyes as I heard the Magicant theme/Smiles and Tears arrangements for the first time. It's moments like these that are why I play Smash Bros.: it's long since evolved from being just a fighting/party game into something more nebulous, something more of a glorified celebration of worlds I've fiercely clutched to my heart for over sixteen years. And I'll continue to do so.


Sorry for the absence of Biweekly Music Wedesday! It's Finals week, and those are always brutal. Expect it back next week.

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