Saturday, November 5, 2011

So, What's Going On?

Yikes! Over two weeks have gone by! Not my intention at all, but it has been incredibly stressful lately. In any case, this will be a brief update.

First off, the one thing I want to make clear is that my two month absence wasn't intentional. Life got rocky again right after my Michael post in August and I went off to college soon after. I'm still adjusting to life here, and a mixture of procrastination/fitting in left little time to update. Believe it or not, my Metroid piece was started near the beginning of September, and it took that long to finish it because of those issues. Also, I didn't get to post about Otakon because my friend was lazy and didn't upload the pictures, so there.

That said, it's become obvious this fall is quite a big one for Nintendo. You have two Kirby titles, a remake of the beloved Star Fox 64, Mario's simultaneous endeavors with adventuring and kart racing, and a Zelda game. You might say I may as well make up for lost time by discussing these titles, but there are some rather irksome obstructions to achieving this.

For starters, technical issues. My 3DS and Wii decided my freshman transfer year of college was the perfect time to break down. The speakers on my 3DS started hissing and crackling not even a week after I moved in, and it doesn't help that even after the repairs were complete, a mix-up with the delivery has delayed its arrival. The Wii's Kirby's Return to Dream Land finally arrived after seven years of development limbo, only to constantly freeze within the opening cinematic. Thankfully it doesn't affect the actual gameplay, but it's an off-and-on problem with the cut-scenes and now I'm wondering whether the Wii is acting up again (it was one of the unfortunate models affected by Brawl's dual-layered disc mischief) or it's just the disc. If my hallmates are gracious enough to let me test it out in their Wii, I'll soon find out.

Then, of course, too much time has passed. If weren't for these issues, no doubt you would've received Metroid much sooner and Star Fox 64 3D would've been reviewed by now. Also, homework is kicking my ass now.

Then there's the new feature.

There is a specific date for when it will arrive, and it's very soon. And there will be two other entries in December. No doubt this will conflict with my reviews, and the new features take priority. What it will cover will detail a subject that's very important to me, and I want to talk about it. A lot.

So, here's the plan.

-The three features will be on schedule for the remaining two months. That you can be assured.

-Two more will follow after the New Year, but after that, it's review time. Given the amount of titles I may or may not abridge them in terms of length, but at the very least I'll be reviewing them beginning from the end of January to throughout February.

-I'm not sure what's going to happen afterwards. It'll likely focus on whatever's hot on the 3DS or old games I've been playing.

And that's it.

Oh, I suppose I should give a hint as to what the new feature will involve. Well, all I can tell you is that it will arrive on the 18th. No sooner, no more. It'll all go down on the 18th.

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