Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Soul Silver: My Team and How It's Working Out

Teamwork. Advantages. Disadvantages. Strategy. These elements have been intertwined with the Pokemon series since it's inception, and are vital to one's success in training the monsters themselves. By understanding their strengths and weaknesesses, their individual potential, and being a stickler to dedication, it's easy to be overwhelmed by this daunting task.

It wasn't so hard when I was a kid. If you were my age when Pokemon was all the rage (About seven), you probably just filled your team up with the ever-popular Legendary Pokemon and whoever you chose at the start of the game, with some favorites you've picked up here and there. Now that I've grown older, I'm not so foolish and I tend to take my time when deciding who shall be my royal steeds. With a party of six, each with four attacks, it takes careful time and planning.

How about we take a look at my team?

You remember that cute Cyndaquil from my last update? This is it's ultimate, completely awesome evolution. A pure Fire-type, Typhlosion (who I have named Blazer) is the main lead of the party and usually does one of three things: Fight the strongest opponent, help out in a pinch, or finish the job. My ultimate goal for him is to wield a powerful Fire attack (It has Lava Plume, but that's about to be kicked out by Flamethrower), learn an attack that makes use of its high attack power, and perhaps round it out by filling in two stats boosting abilities. It's tough work, but I think he'll be used as a last resort.

It was a no-brainer picking Cyndaquil. I mean, he was the starter Pokemon I chose in the original Silver. It's nice having a Fire-type that demolishes everything again.


This is the bipedal sheep I was talking about earlier. There's no doubt about it, Ampharos (also known as Wilder) kicks some serious ass. Another Silver veteran, it's a strong Special Attacker and this works in nicely with his Electric abilities. It's so satisfying to use a turn to Charge, then strike at a Pokemon with a nicely aimed THUNDER PUNCH. I'm also thinking of status-raisers for this sucker. An electric sheep. Who'da thunk it?


Ladies and gentlemen, Nancy has transformed into a Slowking. Her beauty needs no words, as her serene grace sooths all who intereact with her.


Being a Water/Psychic hybrid, Nancy is destined to be a very important Special Attacker on my team. With a strenghted Special Defense to guard against pesky Electric, Grass and Dark types, that just leaves me to fill in the blanks with the ever-useful Psychic attack and Ice Beam. Since she also knows Surf, she's useful in towing me across oceans and lakes.

Such a good girl.

At the moment, I've beaten the eight gym. I can go challenge the Elite Four if I feel like, but I'm thinking I'm going to add a Machop to my team, not to mention capturing my favorite Legendary Bird, Lugia.

Man, I have forgotten just how addicting these games are!

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  1. The games may be addicting, but they are a healthy addiction!