Monday, March 1, 2010

Media Summit Excitement

Yikes, I intended to update more within last week, but it didn't quite work out. NES or no NES, I'm still going to make this work out.



(if someone can tell me how to embed youtube videos on here, please let me know!)

Greatest trailer ever? Well, it's pretty much impossible to top the first Brawl trailer, but this is a worthy contender.

I can't wait for this. Maybe the original Galaxy's linear level design turned off some (including myself, initially), but I've come to realize that it's quite possibly on the best designed video games in years and I can still pop it in and have fun. Not to mention it's orchestral soundtrack is pure bliss.

Can anyone else see the imagination just pop out of that trailer? Just look at what they've done with Yoshi!

Some other games I've noted from the Media Summit:

Metroid Other M: I'm sad to say that, while I still think that the original Metroid Prime is a fantastic game and one of the most absorbing titles out there, I've never really been all that into Metroid (although that is a problem I plan to remedy).

That's beside the point, though. When I saw the first trailer along with Galaxy 2 at the E3 Press Conference last year, my mouth dropped through the floor. Holy crap, did she just throw that bug creature across the room? Sweet lord, did Samus just PILEDRIVE A MONSTER into the ground and force her arm cannon into its mouth and unleash her silent fury? HOLY SHIT DID SHE JUST SHOOT THAT GUY IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD


From what I've heard of the impressions so far, it looks to be pretty neat. I've heard the voice acting is mediocre though, which I wouldn't care if this was a new entry to Star Fox, but since this is focusing on Samus's backstory you can't help but wonder if this blemish will dull it's supposed impact.

Can't wait for it to hit late June!

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor: I've heard that the N64 import title, of which this is based off of, is a great game but I haven't tried it out yet. Before this comes out I'll be sure to download it on Wii's Virtual Console to get a feel.


Monster Hunter 3 (Capcom): Anyone who says that the Wii doesn't have good third party games clearly hasn't been paying attention for about a year. Here's one right now!

In front of your face.



To be played.

Don't worry, Monster Hunter. I'll be sure to check you out in all of your supposedly awesome glory. I mean, hey, the Japanese love it (It's the best selling third party game on Wii over there).


So, let's list the Wii titles I plan to play this year:

Super Mario Galaxy
Metroid Other M
Tatsunoko VS Capcom
Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing
Sin and Punishment 2
Arc Rise Fantasia
Monster Hunter 3

Hot. Damn.

There goes my wallet.

I haven't been this excited about the Wii in a very long time. ^_^

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