Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Nintendo Direct This Thursday?!? But That Means...!

C-could it be?

Yeeeeehaw! The first Nintendo Direct in roughly half a year! Our cries have been answered...but to what extent?

2015 has been a rough year for Nintendo: following the tragic death of Iwata, news has only slowly dripped out via Twitter feeds, sudden YouTube video announcements, and disappointing delays. All in the midst of Nintendo's restructuring, you understand, not the least of which includes Mr. Kimishima filling in Iwata's massive shoes. We knew a Direct would be coming this fall, but with Nintendo picking up the pieces, what exactly would we witness?

So far, we know the upcoming NX as well as Nintendo's mobile ventures won't be present on Thursday. Mr. Shibata, Nintendo's European goofball, will also be present for the European version of the Direct. Not to mention, um...it happens to fall on a very important date. What day would that be, you ask? Why, November 12th...which just so happens to be MY BIRTHDAY!

Wow! I'll not only be 24, but I'll be getting the best birthday present since Super Mario Galaxy! What are the odds?

Goodness, what WILL be in this Direct? Will Kimishima finally present himself to us rabid Nintendo fans? Not only that, but will he either ape Iwata's antics, be thorough and straight-laced, or present his own unique brand of eccentricity? Will Pikmin 4 be revealed, its succulent, glorious aesthetics once again compelling me to bathe myself in White Grape Juice? Will Star Fox Zero be shown again, this time to unanimous applause? What Smash DLC characters will we see? Will Mother 3 finally be localized?!?

Okay, maybe I'm stretching with that last one (or not...?), but regardless, you can bet I'll be here Thursday to discuss all the goodness yet to be revealed. Not only that, but my next Nintendojo article should be up around then, too!

Oh, and that other review I promised. Maybe some of you have guessed what the next one is. It's been a couple months coming, and I'm working like a madman to get it done ALSO ON THURSDAY before I leave for New York this Friday. And speaking of which, I should probably get back to that. Starting...NOW!

See you in two days!

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