Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mario Kart 8 Review (Gaming Grunts)


Not too shabby for my first review as a game journalist/critic, eh?

With Gaming Grunts placing such an emphasis on honesty, I figured it'd be a perfect outlet to quickly get my criticisms out on Mario Kart 8. As I say in the review, it's still a fantastic, very fun game that I continue to play, but it's not without its share of problems. Regardless, it's sure rewarding to have my name and article plastered on there.

Of course, this won't mean Mario Kart 8--or any other game I review on Gaming Grunts or wherever else--won't get its own review here. You can generally expect me to get my thoughts out on new games at Gaming Grunts first before I pen my extended thoughts here. Please be patient for a few more months!

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