Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Schedule

MY GOD I DID NOT MEAN TO MAKE A TWO MONTH WAIT FOR THE NEXT BLOG POST!!!!! It wasn't so much procrastination as it was a realization I should've made long ago: summer vacation is no longer something to look forward to. Yeah, you remember this? Let's just say things get a little awkward at the household during that period now.

Anyway, with the unfortunate delays with the Kirby feature, I'm in a bit of a tight spot in delivering all that that (along with everything else announced this year) during my third semester at college. Not to fret, since the word "year" isn't necessarily limited to within a single year in itself. Can I deliver three Kirby articles a month along with anything else? Let's wait and see. At the very least, most of them won't be quite as long as the Kirby's Adventure one.

As for the other works? The Top 25 Wii Games will also begin next month, as well as the individual game reviews. Biweekly Music Wednesday will also be back on track next week. See y'all soon!

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