Saturday, April 6, 2013

Apologies and Upcoming Stuff

Hey!!! Sorry for missing this week's Music Wednesday as well as the drought of posts. Long story short, a mismanagement of schoolwork/time got in the way as well as a rotten case of an inflamed nerve causing major headaches and (ouch!) toothaches over the past week. Thanks to the latter, I haven't exactly been able to enjoy my free time lately (it's still going on, actually).

...but fret not! We'll be pumping some life into Leave Luck to Heaven over the next couple weeks! We'll start with the return of Music Wednesday next week. I'd already picked out the song weeks ago, so no throwing claims of "lulz you couldn't just pick out one in time," mmkay? Also, remember some of those new articles I promised last month?We'll be finally getting into them soon, so hang tight for that!

See you next week!

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