Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Talk.

Hey. Gather 'round, we need to talk for a bit.

After reviewing my progress on the blog, I have to conclude that this has not been a great year for Leave Luck to Heaven. While we started out strong with the Donkey Kong Country Returns review and the deluge of Mario Kart DS posts, everything suddenly became stagnant as the workload from college suddenly grew to a gargantuan amount. Admittedly, while I could have peppered posts in-between essays and study guides, I was concerned that the flood of work would eventually wrench me away from my duties on here and I would be so focused on my work that the Pikmin Seeds would be left to languish. In other words, I wanted to focus on the blog during a time where I would be entirely free from any constraints (excluding my ongoing internships).

That hasn't exactly worked out yet, despite me being free from college for nearly a week. Perhaps I'm just too used to working, but I'm finding I'm not really having the passion for my hobbies at the moment (The "May Disease" from SGT Frog suddenly comes to mind here). By that, I mean that I can't exactly grasp the "spark" I need to play games, or read, or even write (it's taking a lot of effort just to write this). As the theme discussed in the last portion of my Pikmin post is dependent on this, it wouldn't be in anyone's best interest for me to write this as I am now. Plus, the weather around here is reported to be raining constantly ALL WEEK, which could be the source, and I'm a man who can only take rain in small doses. In short, I'm just feeling empty and not really in a good mood.

So what does this mean for the blog? Well, just to get it out of the way, this is definitely NOT a "hanging up my Leave Luck to Heaven hat" post. It just means I'm probably not going to be writing here for at least a week. There might be a slim chance provided the weather suddenly clears up (or my mood bounces back from whatever melancholic black hole I crawled into), but I'd advise not getting your hopes up. This is actually something I've gone through in the past, in which I just suddenly transform into a blank state of mind without any discernible reaction to anything (even to stuff I love). It'll probably be over soon.

I really hate to delay this again, and I'm saying this not just for my readers but also for myself, as I was about to undergo a gaming renaissance that I had been planning for several months as a way to celebrate my college-free summer (and to my eventual new home at Eastern University), and this mood suddenly barges in to literally rain on my parade. However, what I'm really trying to avoid here is writing up a piece that may end up being well-written, but my heart wouldn't be into it and I'll be heaping praise onto something I'm not enjoying at the moment in real life. Once the funk clears, though, the Pikmin gloves are on, babeh. I know my predicted dates usually end up being wrong, but the one thing I WILL promise is that the next time I post, you can expect that I'll be updating in a consistent schedule from that moment on and not the pathetic "1-2 posts a month" spectacle you've been witnessing.

See ya.


  1. Yeah, it is hard to keep up with writing blogs often. It's even harder when you feel no motivation. :/

  2. Tony-- take the time you need--- we all feel somewhat down with the rain. I try to see it as time to relax and read and kind of float with it.. You are an awesome writer! Mimi