Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hey, guys.

Sorry for the sparse updates, but I'll be undergoing another break. Long story short, 2011 hasn't exactly given me the best start and I'm feeling stressed out. That, and I'm still unsure as how to handle certain future posts. I need a moment to recollect myself and review everything I have lined up before moving on.

Mario Kart DS will be finished by mid-February, and we may or may not move on to another game in March. Miscellaneous gaming posts will also continue. I'll probably be back before the 24/25th.

See you then.

Also, I'm totally buying the 3DS at launch.


  1. Looking forward to what comes after the hiatus, definitely enjoyed the DK review (though I still have to wait on buying it). Also, as big a nintendo geek as I am, I'm going to have to wait on the 3DS as I'm just the tad bit hesitant on the 3D aspect (there's conflicting reports on whether the 3D does/does not cause eye strain). Not to mention 250 dollar price tag. Yeesh!

  2. What?!? You need to get DKCR pronto!

    As for the 3DS, I think it could've used a better lineup (Though Street Fighter and Samurai Warriors pique my interest), but I figured I should grab it since I wanted to avoid another Wii situation where it'd be impossible to find for a while. Plus, you just can't beat OOT and Star Fox 64 remakes that're just around the corner!

    The price isn't so bad...for me, at least. My brother's retirement fund came in and it's over a thousand bucks, so I have no problems throwing some money around. Making good things happen out of a bad situation, I guess.

  3. Avoiding a second "Wii incident" is probably wise. 250 at launch seems a lot softer than having to pay 1000 off Ebay.

    The problem with the launch games is that in and of themselves a lot of them sound really neat, but many of them are console ported/inspired/etc (not counting the n64 remakes which I'm sure are gonna be perfect). Things like the SF4 game, Metal Gear Solid (not counting the weird PSP ones) port, and others are pretty new for a hand held console. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they handle it.